Husqvarna K760 or Stihl TS410?

Husqvarna K760 or Stihl TS410? we are commonly asked which is better, the two machines are both very robust professional saws and it usually comes down to what "you know" and the brand you've always used, read on to see what the actual differences between the two machines are.

Husqvarna K760:
Power output - 3.7 kW compared to Stihl's 3.2 kW
Vibrations - 2.4/2.4 m/s² compared to stihl's 3.9 m/s²

Stihl TS410
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) - 9.4kg compared to Husqvarna's 9.6/9.8 kg
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 98.0  compared to Husqvarna's 101 dB(A)

As mentioned both machines are great at what they do and this is just a technical spec comparison, hopefully this has helped you.

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Featured Product Of The Week: Makita DHP456SP1R 18V Combi Drill

This Metallic Blue Limited Edition Combi Drill from Makita is in celebration of Makita's 100 Year Anniversary in 2015 since they started doing business in 1915.

Comes with a 4Ah battery and also runs on BL1830 3Ah, BL1840 4Ah or BL1850 5Ah batteries.

4 pole motor - delivers high power to weight ratio
Conveniently located push button for forward and reverse
High comfort handle - ribbed rubber grips enable all finger tips to hold handle securely
2 speed metal gearbox - ensures high transmission durability
Forward/reverse rotation
Variable speed trigger
Electronic brake
LED Job light - with afterglow function. Light can be turned on before tool starts by pulling trigger slightly
22 minute charge time - air cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System

1 x 4Ah battery
Battery charger
Belt clip
Black MakPac carry case



Featured Product Of The Week: Husqvarna 236 Petrol Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 236 domestic chainsaw is ideal for garden tasks like pruning, lighter cutting tasks and hobby work. Easy to start and operate, the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw is exceptionally easy to use, and comes with a number of helpful features to boost performance like Air Purge, and a powerful X-Torq® 38cc petrol chainsaw engine with low emissions. Supplied with a 14" chainsaw bar as standard.




Featured Product Of The Day - Makita DHS710ZJ Twin 18v/36v Circular Saw

The Makita DHS710ZJ is a cordless circular saw powered with 2 x 18V batteries giving the equivalent power of a 36 volt machine. It comes supplied with a TCT blade, hex wrench, rip fence, dust nozzle and is contained in a connector carry case.


  • Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Rear dust exhaust
  • Same depth of cut as HS7100 corded machine
  • Durable but lightweight magnesium die-cast blade case and safety cover
  • Blower function to clear wood dust from cutting line
  • When different capacity batteries are used together (for example, 1.5Ah BL1815N and 3.0Ah BL1830, or fully charged BL1830 and 70% charged BL1830), the machine stops when the battery with less capacity gets empty


  • Makpac connector case
  • Saw blade
  • Hex wrench
  • Rip fence, Dust nozzle
Batteries or charger are NOT included
Machine compatible with Makita BL1830 and BL1840 batteries


Husqvarna K760 Summer Kit

When you purchase a Husqvarna K760 Disc Cutter (Applicable to standard K 760 version and OilGuard version, excludes Cut n Break machine) between the 1st of August and the 1st of October 2015 you are entitled to receive the free Husqvarna summer kit, this contains Gloves, Cap and Tinted Glasses.


Step 1: Purchase a Husqvarna K760 between specified dates, We will include your free summer kit in delivery.

After completing all of these steps your freebies should be on their way.




Featured Product Of The Week - Makita DLX2040SPE

Makita DLX2040SPE 18V Cordless Brushless li-ion 2 Piece Kit Complete with 2 x 5Ah Batteries, Twin Battery Charger and 2 x Black MakPac Carry Cases
This Metallic Blue Limited Edition Combi Drill and Impact Driver Kit from Makita is in celebration of their 100 Year Anniversary in 2015 since they started doing business in 1915.
The Makita DLX2040SPE is a Cordless Twinpack featuring DHP481 Combi Drill and DTD129 Impact Driver, both machines coming with brushless motors. Add the 5Ah batteries to this and what you have is a couple of machines with unprecedented runtime.

DHP481 Combi Drill Features:

  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Single sleeve keyless chuck allows for easy bit installation/removal by one hand.
  • Electric brake
  • Twin LED job light with afterglow
  • 2 mechanical gears
  • Battery fuel gauge - 3 lights on = more than 50% battery capacity, 2 lights on = 20 to 50% capacity, 1 light on = less than 20% full battery capacity
  • Variable speed control by trigger
  • Best possible ergonomic handle for drill-driver applications
  • Compact overall length of 205mm
  • XPT - Extreme Protection Technology
  • BLDC motor specially designed to provide, above all, more work amount on a single full battery charge

DTD129 Impact Driver Features:

  • LED Job light with pre-glow function
  • BLDC motor specially designed to provide, above all, more work amount on a single full battery charge
  • Energy production is more efficient than brushed DC motor because of no friction loss caused by brushes, enabling lower amperage for reduced heat production and increased work amount on a single full battery charge

Comes With:

  • 2 x 5Ah li-ion batteries
  • DC18RD twin battery charger which will charge the batteries in 45 minutes
  • MakPac carry case type 3 (Black) x 2
  • Side handle and depth stop for combi drill



Featured Product Of The Week - Stihl RE109 Pressure Washer

Stihl Re109 240v Pressure Washer

Compact 110 bar pressure washer for cleaning jobs around the house and garden.
Equipped with a quick release couplings, aluminum telescopic handle, hinged front cover with integrated nozzle storage, rotary and fan nozzles.
Plenty of features to make those tough cleaning jobs more enjoyable.

Order yours NOW!




Here's a quick update on Billy Watts who we at Lakedale Power Tools sponsor in his racing career.

Check out the Billy's pictures from his latest photo shoot attached. 
He is doing really well and as usual we'll be keeping you up to date on his progress.

If you are interested in sponsoring Billy please leave a comment below and we'll get in touch.



Featured Product Of The Day - Stihl BG86C-E Blower

  • Packed with power and run by a fuel efficient low emissions engine, the new top-of-the-line BG 86 C-E handheld debris and leaf blower has comfort features professionals will appreciate. Not only is this blower easy to start— thanks to the STIHL ErgoStart system; it’s also fitted with our four-spring anti-vibration system and soft grip handles to help reduce operator fatigue. Vacuum adapter kit available as an accessory to convert the BG 86 C-E blower into a vacuum shredder.
  • Reduced-emission engine technology 2-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This results in more power with a lower weight, up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions. 
  • Anti-vibration system Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to longer-term effects of blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL have therefore developed an effective anti-vibration system where by the oscillations from the machines engine are dampened which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles allowing for more comfortable and safer operation. 
  • STIHL ErgoStart (E) A genuine advance in easy starting. STIHL ErgoStart (E) cuts the effort required to start the tool by half, while the starter cord can be pulled at just one third of the normal force. All it takes is 2 fingers and a gentle pull action. 
  • Throttle lock with built in stop switch The running machine switches off immediately after a brief press of a button. Once the machine is at a standstill, the ignition activates again automatically, meaning it is always ready to start. 
  • One handled control with soft grip area For a secure and comfortable grip. The integrated anti-static system counters electrostatic charging. Catalytic converter Considerably reduces the quantity of harmful particles in the exhaust gas. 
  • Manual fuel pump (Purger) A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following extended breaks in operations.



Buy A Dewalt DCN692P2 Nailer And Get A Free Heated Jacket!

Register your new DCN692P2 Nailer to MyDEWALT and receive a DCJ069 Heated Jacket worth £145 (plus VAT) free of charge.
In order to qualify for the promotion, participants must purchase a DEWALT DCN692P2 Nailer (new, not second hand) between the 2nd January 2015 and the 31st March 2015. Claims for products purchased before or after this promotional period will be deemed invalid.
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Featured Product Of The Week - Husqvarna K760


  • The Husqvarna K 760 has long been a highly popular all-round power cutter among construction workers and landscapers.
  • By improving a number of large and small details, the machine is even more powerful, efficient, reliable and comfortable.
  • The new cylinder increases the cutter’s capacity in several ways. It delivers more efficient combustion, which combined with extra cooling fins reduces exhaust emissions by 15 %.
  • Also, it ensures an optimal running temperature, making the machine less sensitive to variations in climate and fuel.
  • Reduced vibrations, below 2.5 m/s2, thanks to the new blade guard which means that you can work full days without having to take a break.
  • A unique air filtration system consisting of three separate filters that increase the service life of the engine and reduces downtime and service costs.
  • One of the most efficient systems on the market, delivering operational times (for dry cutting) of up to one year, with no filter service required.
  • DuraStarter™ is a patented, dustsealed starter attachment, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed. This makes the starter virtually maintenance free, giving a further boost to the reliability of the cutters.
Available in standard and oil guard versions.