Get £3.50* Back Every Time England Score A Goal When Your Spend Over £350.00

Every goal England scores can make you richer – by £3.50. Grab this offer today if you reside in the United Kingdom and if you support England in Brazil 2014. Read on to discover how.

Every Time England Scores, You Earn £3.50 – This is How:

Every time Rooney, Lambert, or any of your heroes score for England in this World Cup, we will give you £3.50.

Now you'll wish England score even more because, you become richer by £3.50 with every goal England scores.

We want to give you even more reasons to cheer England on in the FIFA World Cup 2014. We know you already love Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge, and others who will take England's fight to Brazil.

Your winnings come from Lakedale Power Tools (http://www.lakedalepowertools.co.uk)

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, buy power tools worth £350 from our website and you qualify for these winnings of £3.50 for every goal.

Every time England disturbs the opponents' net, we will email you a gift voucher worth £3.50.

As simple as that? Yes!

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Make A Purchase Today and Be a Winner in this World Cup

If you buy tools, and accessories for your home or workshop, this is a great time to make your purchase.

Add tools and accessories worth £350 (including VAT) or more and you qualify for a £3.50 gift voucher every time you cheer England scoring a goal.

 Prince John


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