Lakedale Hire

We provide hire services to a number of construction sites and walk-in customers. Below is a list of the type of machineries or accessories that are up for hire:

Alternatively, you can download our Hire Catalogue containing the price list and hire duration. Kindly give us a call on 020 8854 9030

Aluminium Tower
Angle Grinder & Cutters
Building Site Equipment
Cleaning Equipment
Concrete & Compaction
Core Drills
Decorating Equipment
Fixing Tools
Fold Easy Tower
Forestry & Gardening
Hammer Drills & Breakers
Heating Drying & Cooling
Lifting & Carrying Equipment
Metalworking & Welding
Miscellaneous Equipment
Road Working
Rotary & Percussion Drills
Sawing & Cutting
Site Electrical & Lighting
Step Ladders (Ally & Fibreglass)
Trestles & Staging
Water Pumps
Woodworking Equipment